Musical Theatre

* Acting * Singing * Performing *



"Somewhere Over The Rainbow" From The Wizard of Oz
January 2014
*Convenient (Your child can take back to back classes with their dance and/or gym class)
*Reasonable Rates (Your child will experience all aspects of theatre performing at a price that is affordable) 
*Not Time Consuming (Our theatre program is designed to not occupy your child's entire schedule)
*Full STAGE Performances (We have 2 different medley performances in January and June)
*NO Costume Fees (We creatively put together costumes with things you already have at home)
*Ages 5 years - 18 year old Boys and Girls (Classes divided by age)

Musical Theatre is designed for the children to experience all the many aspects of theatre performing in a small intimate setting. Our professional instructors will teach your child how to sing, act and creatively move.
The children will be preparing a medley from different plays to perform in January and an additional medley to  be performed in June. In these performances your child will use their Musical Theatre skills learned such as reading and interpreting lines, acting and interacting with other students, creatively moving and properly using their vocal cords to sing. In addition to their newly learned theatre skills, the instructor will be incorporating the dance and/or gymnastic techniques they are already learning from other classes your children are taking.
Our Musical Theatre Classes are intended to enhance your child’s desire to perform in a fun filled, non-competitive atmosphere while still learning the fundamentals of dance and/or gymnastics in their regular classes.

Tuition FOR Musical Theatre Class ONLY: 
In order for your child to get the most out of our Musical Theatre Classes we highly recommend they take a dance/gymnastics class as well.  You will receive a 10% discount and your child will greatly benefit. The tuition for taking JUST a Musical Theatre Class would be $595.00 based on a 10-month period.  It is conveniently broken down into 3 installments of $195.00 that are due the first two weeks of the following months... September, November, and February. There is a one time non-refundable insurance/registration fee of $35.00.

Class Schedules:  Please see attached information sheet below for class schedules.  

Class Attire:  For the girls:  Black Leotard, Shorts or Leggings, Black Ballet Slippers.  For the boys:  Bare Feet, T-Shirt, shorts and/or sweats.